Learn How to Answer your Phones

Lately I’ve been going over some notes.  What makes a business owner convert  phone calls and lead to customers.  In other words I was just sitting here pondering how long I can get 5 phone calls and end up with one paying customer.  While another guy or gal convert 5 phone calls to 3 or 4 paying customers. So what is it, what’s the reason?


In our business we do call forwarding. What that means is we transfer phone calls from our call system to a business owner. In other words we transfer customers to business owners through a call tracking system. We have the inside scoop, and we can listen in to these phone calls see how people and their deals  “customers”.


Here’s a few examples of what we have found. To make this easy   business owner number 1 or the guy that gets 5 phone calls and end up with one paying customer is going to be Adam. So I will refer to this owner as Adam so you’re not confused and we can move along with what I’m trying to get to. So if I’m your number one is Adam then owner number 2 or the business owner that gets 3 to 4 paying customers out of 5 phone calls will be Eve.  Hopefully this simplifies things.


 let’s just say both of these owners are in the carpet cleaning business.  We begin with Adam.  The phone rings, Adam picks it up; Hello… “click.”  The phone rings again;  Hello… (from the other end) uh is this the carpet cleaning company.  Adam replies; Yes this is the carpet cleaning company.  The customer on the other end of the phone is confused at this point and already uninterested. Adams day continues like this confusion and a lot of Hang-Ups. Why does Adam answer his phone like this?


Let’s listen to what Eve has to say for herself. The phone rings Eve picks it up;  Hello this is XYZ carpet cleaning company you are speaking to Eve what can I do for you? The customer on the other end user response to this situation like;  Yes you I was wondering how much it would cost to get my carpet cleaned?  To me it is already farther along in this game than Adam ever seems to make it. All she has done is made yourself clear.  This next part  Adam would say something like; Where the best don’t call anybody else I’m just as much a square foot let me take care of your house I can be there soon as I can. While it sounds like Adam really wants to work he doesn’t seem to get it. The customer just wanted to know the price range at this point. Eve’s  response to this is well normally we like to look at your carpets before we make a final decision but we can give you a rough estimate and that would be something in the ballpark of “blank.” Then Eve would go on about what they do that’s different than anyone else.
I think you’re getting the point here. The difference between a sale and a hang up sometimes – “sometimes” can just be your attitude.  How you handle a phone call and answer the customers needs can be very important. Eve Wins most the time because she’s clear and to the point. Adam  loses because he doesn’t know what he’s doing and answer the phone like an amateur. Learn how to be a business professional. Learn how to answer your phone. Learn how to be a Salesman slash woman.

Top Small Town Big Businesses

Just looking at a few examples of some that have made it big time in there small community’s to prove to you that it can be done you don’t have to live in New York to be successful. I am referring you to this blog post first then come back and read this one.

Jesse James with West Coast Chopper’s. Small town boy’s making a name for them selves these guy’s have been around awhile and if you haven’t herd of them it would be strange indeed.

West coast choppers hasn’t always been a big deal. They started out pretty small scale i’m sure you probably know the story. These guys did one thing different than other custom motor bike shops. They have had hug success with it, and did what most people were scared to even try.

What’s the difference you ask? In your face. What? Yep in your face was the difference. They are all up in it all the time. Kinda brave of them once you understand they were letting people take an inside look at what they were doing and risked copy cat’s.Without that though there would have been no brand and they created a huge one. Can’t get away from these guy’s there everywhere. They just plan choose good marketing. They have there own TV show for goodness sake!!

Bismarck/Mandan Detailing really also a Big time in a small town has a more low profile in your face approach. These guy’s took a different swing at it. Maybe they didn’t create a brand but what they did do was create a way to get in front of people by targeting local markets. I don’t think you can do a search about some sort of car detailing in there area with out them showing up. In your face. Same story different approach.

These are just a few examples of way’s to get in front of your customer. There are quit frankly lot’s of ways, but you just have to be willing to got after at least one of them so you can know what it is to have some exposure. Without it your just small town small kine nobody is going to know your there. How are you ever going to help anyone. You will not you’ll be put out by a big box store. So sad.

Going back to west coast choppers I wounder 10 years ago did anyone know that they had already been in business for awhile. What did they do to decide to make that change to become such a huge success? Do you think it was just an epiphany. I don’t quit think so.

Year’s of honing there craft. That’s where it started for them they spent years and years trying to become the best chop shop before you herd of them. Once they mastered there craft it was just about getting in front of the right crowd. What better crowd than national television? Since they already knew what they were doing it was easy for them to get the recognition they had been missing all this time. As soon as people say them there business exploded. They just needed the right crowd. Maybe that’s all you need. Here you have honed your skills and you’ve been waiting for your time well it’s now find away to get people to see you. Not just anyone though it’s got to e the right crowd. You wouldn’t go on a cooking show promoting auto detailing right?

Big Business In A Small Town.

Local businesses in small towns. Let’s talk about these small town small kind of businesses.

There are lot’s of small businesses in small towns. Often as the town get’s bigger these businesses often becomes more generic in nature. What I mean by that is in small towns you often get store fronts that are truly one of a kind.

I’ve always appreciated these small town businesses. Really people think they are a dying breed. I beg to differ. You know people like that small feel (the personal feeling). Look it’s always been my passion to help these small company’s be more than a nobody.

To make it big time in a small town there is only one glaring difference between them, and the not so big timers. It’s the in your face factor. That’s what I call it anyway. You know how much these big company’s advertise on there big box stores they put in your small towns that are growing.

It’s all about staying in front of the costumers. Everyone knows most of these small businesses are way, way, way better than the big box stores. It’s simple they just simple don’t get the customers. That’s the issue. So how do we help these small timers be the big time in there small town.

Get your small business in front of the consumer. Also stay in front of these consumers. I think most of these small timers are afraid if they spend this money they make on adds or whatever they will just loose.

Well it’s simply not true. Advertising would not exist if it didn’t work. Look you can’t think “down” n advertising. Think of it as a way to get in front of your customers and show them what you can do for them.

All the pennies you spend can be potential dollars if they are invested right.

Let’s look at a few models of right and wrong ways of doing these thing’s. So you understand that the world is moving fast and what once worked might no longer work; right? So why would you advertise in the farmers almanac if your a clothing store that’s trying to be hip. It’s sad but I see this all the time. It’s not because people usually think it’s a great idea. It’s because it’s almost free. I can almost promise you failure in this type of marketing.

Here is what you need to do. Look at the younger generation. Go for the google adds the TV the radio. These are the one’s I see the top earners dabbling in. That’s another good point go after the adds that top competition is going after, and can you guess why. It’s working!!

So small businesses just need to get in front of the consumer there is a place for them, and do not give up if your a small business. Instead you need to get busy and get noticed. Find away to do this. YOU CAN. It will pay off. Every time.

Tall tales In small towns

Small town USA.

Me and some friends I grew up with in a small town in the mid west herd a lot of stories in our day. Stories about how you have to be so careful with everything because it all leads to death of financial ruin.

Hey did you ever here what happened to Jack; they would say. Yeah he started that snow removal company back in 1982. Yes sir that was the year of the summertime winter as they called it. Not one drop of snow came outta the sky that year. I remember we planted our wheat harvest in December that year.

Then you would here something like you can’t be too careful Jack had a great job at the coke plant bottling sodas he should not have left. You know that he could have retired in 2 more year’s….. look now he lost it all.

I think the tale tale’s like these where to scare us kids into never taking a risk. I understand they just didn’t want to see us kids get hurt. Little did they know what they were doing was hurting us. Without knowing it they were scaring us into couch potato’s ( the vary thing they hated most).

He’re is what they forgot to tell us. Jack hated bottling sodas and probably would have rather died than continue there. He didn’t care about loosing it all. He was looking for a way out, and if he didn’t risk it he wouldn’t have even had the chance.

By the way Jack is doing just fine. He did in fact find a way to retire and loves not depending on the coke plant’s tiny pension plan.

Don’t listen to the small take listen to the facts.

Hector’s Busy What about YOU

I’m Hector and I’ve been busy. What do you do? I help small businesses. Not for myself, but for other’s. I get a kick outta it. So maybe it is for myself…. a little. That’s right I like helping small businesses grow. Not selfish, or greedy. I’m selfless and flush with cash all the time though.

How you would ask? Most do. It’s not that I don’t want money so i’m in business to help others make money off my back. That’s not quit how this works. What it is though is I have found by helping other’s succeed they in turn want to help me succeed.

I’ve help many people make lot’s of money. In turn they all have helped me make lots of money.. so yeah I’ve ended up with a lot more than them all, yet I feel accomplished for all my efforts.  No not because i’m rich, yeah that is cool. It’s because I get to do what I love to make all my money, and I happen to love to help people.

My advice is to stop helping yourself and start looking around you to see how you can help a fellow human out. You will be amazed at yourself, also the surprised look you get when you help someone. Witch to me is kinda sad because it makes you realize how selfish everyone is.

I promise you 2 things. One you’ll feel great about yourself and two people wanna give back after you give them so much. It’s human nature, and it’s a beautiful way to live your life. I’m not saying go give someone a thousand bucks and hope they give you a million back…. no that’s not what this is about.

What I am saying is help a new company get started, and they will want to share it with you. Yes you worked hard yes you went into it with no expectation of ever getting your time and money back, nut maybe they will want to see you through and give you more than they ever would have striking up a “deal”. There’s lots of way’s to help people just do it.